Rubber Bracelets – Still Going Strong

Wristbands are a type of accessory that has been around for decades. They have gained popularity in the fields of fashion, sports, medicine, events and even technology. A widely used type of wristband even to this day is a rubber bracelet, also referred to as gel or jelly bracelets or wristbands all over the world. It is made from Silicone, and it varies in width, colors and functions. Rubber bracelets are popular because they are easy to handle, waterproof and relatively cheap.

In recent years, rubber wristbands have been frequently used as means for raising awareness or representing a cause much like an awareness ribbon. Organizations create awareness bands with a signature color, feature or logo and sell these for charity. They are effective because it gives everyone the opportunity to donate for a good cause without having to shell out a huge amount of money. A famous example of an awareness bracelet is the yellow Live strong wristbands that boomed back in 2004. The wristbands were the fundraising item for people affected by cancer.

WristbandsSince then, countless more foundations and organizations all over the world have designed more wristbands for more fundraisers. You can still see people sporting rubber wristbands with different causes on the street, at work, in the university. They are not so much worn as a fashion statement as much as they are worn as a literal statement saying, “I support this.” People don’t wear an awareness rubber bracelet because it will complete their look or because it goes well with their shoes. They wear it to make the charitable cause known in the same way a billboard makes a product known.

Another reason people wear rubber bracelets is because they identify with what is on the bracelet. It can be a form of self-expression or a way to remind them of places, people and ideas. People put texts, illustrations, colors and other design elements on a rubber bracelet to share bits and pieces of their personalities and identities. Rubber wristbands have had bible verses, Chinese characters, Arabic characters, emesis, symbols, general words and even memes on them. People design, purchase and wear such rubber wristbands because they identify with these things.

One can learn a single thing about a person by the person’s choice of words, symbols and colors – be it a trait of a person, what a person finds funny, a person’s religion, a person’ favorite color or a person’s nationality or school. A rubber bracelet can have the colors or the drawing of a country flag, which can be used in international events where a person can wear the rubber bracelet to show support for a specific country. Sports teams too, for example, have designed rubber wristbands as merchandise to sell to their fans.

Students have worn such bracelets to either raise funds for their schools or to show school spirit in inter school events. A person can have a favorite quote or verse written on the rubber bracelet to serve as a reminder or an inspiration. These bracelets can also be used as a form of a souvenir for tourists.

As one can see, people voluntarily purchase and wear rubber bracelets for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people wear rubber wristbands as a mild requirement. Concert, sporting event and party organizers have used them as event tickets. Organizers create a specific design of bracelets and produce a limited amount and sell them. Event goers wear the rubber wristbands and present them to security, and keep them on for the rest of the night. Some are even able to keep their bracelets as souvenirs from the event. Some innovators add a little flare to bracelets by making ultra violet wristbands. These are popular among party and concert goers.

There are no rules on how and when to wear rubber bracelets. People still wear them for fashion and wear them in different styles. Men and women alike sport single bracelets or multiple ones. They are after all, inexpensive and low maintenance accessories. They come in a wide variety of colors, decorations and sizes. People mix and match them to fit moods, clothes, the season and what not.

Rubber bracelets are so accessible and flexible, they do not show signs of going away any time soon. With the growing and volatile fashion trends, more individuals and organizations making their presences and advocacies known, more innovators making simple objects a little more interesting, and with more people feeding the human need for self-expression, people will continue using rubber wristbands.

Rubber bracelets are popular because they are easy to handle, waterproof and relatively cheap.There are no rules on how and when to wear rubber bracelets.