ID Lanyards: A Marketing Strategy

ID lanyards are cords used to attach identification cards or laminated badges. It is often used in schools and workplaces, mainly, to associate the person using it with the school he is attending to or the company he is working for. Many users wear it around their neck, but some also prefer to wear it around their wrists.

Since ID lanyards are often worn in the most visible part of the body, some companies see them as a potential part of marketing strategy. Most companies, particularly sales companies, do not use plain lanyards for their employees. They have the name of the company or the product name imprinted or embroidered in the lanyard. So when people or clients see the lanyards the employees are using, they will easily know or remember the company.

ID LanyardsIf the employee left a good impression to the client, the latter can easily associate the employee to the company or to the product; thus, it helps increase consumers brand recall. It is an additional advertising in the part of the company without additional cost.

Companies, nowadays, do not just use ID lanyards for their employees. They also use these as promotional items. Consumers are usually attracted to freebies that they can use for a long time. Aside from being useful in securing identification card, one can also use it as key chain or a coin purse holder. It is even possible to use some lanyards with good quality hooks in holding small water bottles for children. So if you looking for a store where you can get high quality ID lanyards then visit :

Some mobile phone and photo camera companies usually give lanyards as freebies so the phone or camera owner can immediately attach the gadgets to the lanyard. Other companies also pair up the personal lanyards to other personalized freebies like purses or water bottles to introduce its purpose.

Using ID lanyards as promotional items is hitting two birds in one stone. Consumers may be influenced to buy the product because of the lanyard. When the consumers use the lanyard, they unknowingly advertise the company’s product. This may help in increasing the product or the company’s popularity. Also, the consumers, in a way, show to others that they trust the product. Because of this, other people, such as their friends or relatives, may be influenced to trust and try the product, too.

Another reason why personalized lanyards are preferred by companies today is because it is cheaper than personalized t-shirts, mugs, calendars, caps or other promotional items. Some lanyard companies charge as low as twenty cents (US$0.20) for a personalized lanyard depending on the materials used and the quantity ordered. Personalized mugs, on the other hand, cost around US$2.00 to US$3.00 dollars each. Personalized T-shirt and caps can cost as much as US$5.00 dollars depending on the quality of the material and the size of the print.

Personalized lanyards have lesser cost but have greater advertising opportunities because they are widely used and visible.

Using ID lanyards as freebies is without a setback. The advertising range of using personalized lanyard is small. Lanyards are narrow in size. Unless used for video or photo cameras, the widest a lanyard can be is about an inch. Consumers may feel uncomfortable using a wide lanyard just for their identification cards or laminated badges. Because of this, companies cannot print bigger logos or longer taglines in the lanyards; thus, even if widely visible, the logos or names imprinted in the lanyard cannot be seen unless up close.

Companies with popular or established logos may greatly benefit from using personalized lanyard as people can easily associate the logo to the company. Nevertheless, starting or small companies may still use personalized lanyard to promote their company or their products. They just have to make sure that the lanyard is attractive and fashionable to induce other people to see it up close.