Best Taylor Made Golf Fairways and Irons to Boost Your Mid-Game

Many players pay too much attention to the start and end of their game, without investing too much on the middle. Don’t make this mistake! While those two parts are unarguably very important, your actions in the middle could be a real game changer. Although Taylor Made Golf is most known for having the best drivers and putters, they have some pretty good fairways, irons as well. Here are some equipment you might enjoy.


Fairways are used for the second shot in the game, when you’re in the fairways as opposed to the woods. After using your driver, consider trying out some of these fairways.

1.SLDR – this name is known among the drivers, but now there’s an SLDR fairway! These woods combine the two most recent innovations of Taylor Made Golf: the Speed Pocket Technology and the low and forward center of gravity (CG) location. With these advantages, it can allow further-forward CG for faster ball speed and lower spin. Additionally, the head is smaller and shallow, which makes launching a lot easier and very playable from various angles. There is also the option to adjust the loft by 1.5 degrees. Higher loft works with low CG to enhance launch height and increase carrying length.

2.JetSpeed Fairway – called “the longest and most playable fairway woods ever,” Jet Speed utilizes Speed Pocket design, which is smaller and lighter without diminishing efficiency at boosting club face’s speed. The re-designed Speed Pocket in Jet Speed contains polymer, which keeps debris out and absorbs vibration. The weight saved by this design is strategically redistributed within the club’s head to move the CG lower and forward, allowing for faster ball speed, lower spin, and longer distance.


Irons are used when you are 200 yards or closer to the green. Check these recommended irons out when you’re shopping for Taylor Made Golf products.

1.Speed blade Irons – these irons take the Speed Pocket technology golfto the next level by changing the nature of approaching shots. This allows golfers to hit more greens and shoot lower scores. Speed Blade irons are a lot different from other irons in terms of speed, launch, look, spin, sound, and feel. The Speed Pocket helps golfers to launch low-impact shots on a consistently higher, longer carrying, and softer landing trajectory. This is because it has been expanded and elongated for more face area toward the toe and heel. Additionally, it has a bending notch, which is exceptional for loft and lie adjustments.

2.SLDR Irons – again, the SLDR series offers a club among the irons. This iron maintains a slim, compact shape while incorporating important technology in the system. Its Speed Pocket has a new Thru Slot Technology that encourages high speed and lunch across the club face. It also has complex vibration dampening system that make a Tour-caliber sound and feel, and a consistent gapping and precise distance control. Additionally, the use of the KBS Tour C-Taper 90 shaft design allows higher ball launch and spin control. SLDR Irons look very striking and exceptional on the playing field, without losing their playability and practicality.

3.Rocket Blades – these irons promote maximal speed and flight enhancement using the Speed Pocket technology. Eleven grams of its weight has also been strategically redistributed towards the center and lower parts to promote higher launch angle and peak trajectory, as well as a steep, soft landing, quick stopping descent angle. It feels fantastic due to the polyurethane developed by 3M, which fills the Speed Pocket and minimizes vibration.

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Taylor Made Golf also offers clubs for ladies and left-handed players. Official online retailers, such as have listings of available clubs, their prices, and more detailed descriptions. Check them out to learn more!