What exactly is a motivational speaker? Simply put, a motivational speaker is a person that would talk to crowds in order to inspire them or drive them towards a certain goal. These goals can be very specific, like with company conferences and outings where the speaker centers his speech on a product or company incentives, literally motivating their employees into working better by helping them get excited about the future. On the other hand, speakers may also have an inclination towards more general ideas, as is the case with life- enhancement seminars or wealth talks where the main objective of the speaker is to give the audience a broader approach towards financial stability, better life standards or even just a higher level of self-confidence. Motivational speaking is present in almost every aspect of human life, from a mother encouraging a child, to a coach motivating a losing team, way up to a president addressing the country. Generally, a motivational speaker would be someone who motivates for a living, earning a profit in return for his motivational services.

motivational speakerOf course, just like with every talent and every skill out there, not everybody could be good and effective in the motivational speaking business. All the necessities of being a speaker is almost doubled, because speaking in front of an audience confidently won’t be enough to motivate them to succeed (or whatever it is that the speaker is motivating them to do). Even the way one dresses, or smiles, or walks affects how people perceive them. If the audience doesn’t connect with the person on the stage, then his words would mean nothing to them. If the audience doesn’t see enough credibility in the speaker to trust his words, enough to let the words change a certain aspect of their lives, then the speech would be useless.

Connecting to the audience is not a simple task, and it is definitely far from easy. It involves everything from aesthetics and speech prowess to confidence and humor and the relevance of the content of the speech. Location is important, timing is important, almost every aspect is important if one is to be successful in convincing even just one member of the audience to do as he’s being told.

First and foremost, to be a good motivational speaker, one must be a very good speaker. Grammar, diction and sentence construction should be a given. Stutters and mispronunciations lower the credibility of a speaker, and empty airs within the speech can snap an audience’s attention in half. Another extremely important thing is the speaker’s confidence, which would be evident in the way he speaks, the volume of his voice, his tone, and his pitch. No one wants to listen to a bumbling fool on a podium, and no one wants to endure an obviously memorized speech as well. All mannerisms should also be taken into account: excessive face touching or a stiff smile might just be too distracting for the audience. It stands to reason that the manner in which the speaker communicates with his audience is of paramount importance.

If a person can speak a language fluently, and if he can speak it to a number of people whilst employing all the proper techniques, he still would be nothing if the content of his speech were not excellent. Motivational speeches should be relevant to the audience’s concerns and circumstances. Also, a speech may be considered too boring without humor, but too much humor can also ruin an acceptable speech. Inappropriate terms and slang could destroy an otherwise decent talk, and it could even ruin the speaker’s reputation. The speaker should know and master the I know you want what’s best for us all, pero please do not reduce what I feel to something as trivial as a “misunderstanding”. It’s not a misunderstanding, it’s years worth of feeling 2nd rate that culminated in my finally saying I’ve had enough. You can deny it but you weren’t inside my head and you weren’t experiencing what I was experiencing.

You could call it a misunderstanding all you want, but that just proves that none of you has ever even recognized or realized that the predominant emotion I feel whenever I’m with my Youth peers is inadequacy. The only people who actually genuinely and actively made me feel wanted was you and Ate Diane. So you could call them amazing and I’m sure you’re right, but it’s just too bad that I’m craving genuine friends, not just amazing people topic, and he should know the audience as well.

Last but not the least, a good overall environment and feel is a requirement for a successful motivational speech. This includes the speaker’s personal appearance, the venue, food, props, and lighting. Everything should flow and meld together, because it only take some bad aspect to ruin a good show.

Overall, what makes a good motivational speaker boils down to what he can say, and how he can say it. And yes, perfecting those is far more difficult than it sounds.